In memory of Dan White
26 April 1965 - 20 September 2012

Dan White passed away unexpectedly on 20 September 2012. This site is maintained as a tribute to the life and work of a beloved brother and cherished friend. Other than this notice, the site is exactly as Dan left it. We hope you will get as much satisfaction from browsing his work as he got from producing it. If you would like to comment on any aspects of the site, feel free to send a message to the email address on the contacts page.


Assigned and published worldwide, Dan White is a photographer and writer with two decades of experience producing travel orientated features for glossy magazines and newspapers. He has also focused on in depth, long-term photographic assignments for commissioned book projects, NGO coverages in remote regions of the globe and important news stories. He also undertakes corporate and commercial publicity work.

As a feature writer he is assigned and published by some of the world's highest profile publications as well as authoring travel guides and commentaries on the countries of South East Asia.

Below are four links to pages showcasing firstly photographic work, secondly published writings and thirdly information on books.

Lastly, you can click on the cover of the latest book 'Sacred Tattoos of Thailand' to see a website giving you a taster of the photographic work produced, some background on the book and information on where you can buy it.


All words and pictures on this site are ©Dan White. Unauthorised reproduction is strictly probited.