I am a British writer. Over the last 15 years I have been commissioned and published (with an emphasis on travel) by major magazines and newspapers in Europe, the USA and Asia. With datelines from all over the globe, the work has ranged from the robust, 'gonzo' genre of the British 'Lads Mags', such as Loaded and Maxim to the more sedate requirements of The Guardian travel section and Marie Claire. I have also worked on guidebooks and political commentaries as both a writer and an editor. For a time I was also editor-in-chief of the now defunct Absolute Phuket magazine. In 2009 I researched and wrote the new Frommer's Guide to Cambodia and Laos, published in February 2010. Previously based in London and Paris, I have been based in Bangkok since 2002. In my spare time I ride small motorcycles over long distances, to obscure places.

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Positive Altitude - Fah Thai

Route 13 from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang in Laos is one of the most spectacular journeys in Asia - especially when the journey is made on a motorcycle.

Voulez Voodoo - The Guardian

A travel piece about the small West African country of Benin for the travel section of The Guardian newspaper. Lodged between Togo and Nigeria, Benin has had a troubled history. Now it is blossoming as a tourist destination.

Something Old, Something New - The Guardian

A travel piece about Cambodia for the travel section of The Guardian newspaper. Cambodia  has undergone immense change over the last ten years as it recovers from years of bloodshed. A journey through this troubled country reveals truths about the past and some hope for the future.

Sadhu Masochism - Bizarre Magazine

The Hindu holy men, or Sadhus, of India often follow paths that could be considered eccentric at best and downright painful at worst. The reasons they follow these paths are often due to religious traditions that go back centuries and, yet, the ideas that drive them are as fresh and relevant today as they were at the time of Alexander the Great. Bizarre magazine talks to them in order to discover the motivation that drives ordinary men to extraordinary feats of self-mortification.

Islands in the Storm - Maxim Magazine

At the end of the last century Indonesia was in turmoil. Neighboring, newly independent, East Timor was under attack from vicious Indonesian sponsored militias. Indonesia itself was undergoing the last, collective upheaval following the reign of the dictator, General Suharto. Maxim magazine took a look at an archipelago in turmoil.

A River Runs Through It - The Guardian

A travel piece about Indo-China for the travel section of The Guardian newspaper. Until recently it was impossible to follow the Mekong river by boat from the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh to Saigon in Vietnam. Now, after thirty years of warfare and its effects, it is possible to navigate the river once again. The Guardian newspaper travels from one capital to another on riverboats through the former battlefields of Cambodia and the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

Monk Soul Brothers - Jack Magazine

The northern hill tribes of Thailand are under threat from a growing lawlessness fuelled by the drug trade. Their salvation has come from within the heart of their own culture and its crusaders are Buddhist child-monks riding divine horses and kick-boxing their way out of trouble.

Big Up the Hindu Massive - Maxim Magazine

In 2001 a small town on the banks of the Ganges in northern India was host to the largest gathering in human history. The Maha Kumbh Mela takes place in Allahabad once every 12 years. Maxim magazine gets lost in the crowd.

Seeing the Best of Thailand on Two Wheels - Tourist Authority of Thailand

When it comes to motorcycling, Thailand has it all. Dan White experiences the glories of this most beautiful of countries by motorcycle.

Untapped Treasures - The Guardian

A travel piece about Bangladesh for the travel section of The Guardian newspaper. Bangladesh is better known for floods and cyclones than tourism. The Guardian takes a look at some of the cultural riches on offer to those who make the effort.

Voodoo's Children - Bizarre Magazine

In the small West African country of Benin Voodoo is the recognised, national religion. Bizarre magazine follows a rocky trail to the heart of all voodoo.

Mosquito Wars - Absolute Phuket

If it ever feels like there is a fly in the ointment, it usually turns out that it isn't a fly at all.

BuddhistTemples of Thailand: the Journey - Traversing the Orient Magazine

The story of a 12,000km motorcycle trip covering every corner of Thailand in order to make the photographs for the coffee table book 'Buddhist Temples of Thailand' published by Marshall Cavendish.

Pilgrim's Progress - The Guardian

A travel piece about Galicia in northern Spain for the travel section of The Guardian newspaper. The windswept, Celtic north-west of Spain is very different from the rest of the country. Although deeply Catholic the region has retained many vestiges of its Celtic past. The Guardian attends one of its strangest annual festivals.

Phnomenal - Bizarre Magazine

Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, was once one of Asia's most serene cities. Even after years of war and political strife it retains a languid, tropical charm. It is also an increasingly popular tourist destination. Bizarre magazine passes 24 action-packed hours sampling what the city has to offer.

Motorbike on the Loop - Travelhappy

Northern thailand is one of the most spectacular areas of the world to ride a motorcycle. Travelhappy takes a spin on one of the best roads there is.

Poms Away - Planet Syndication

Once a year Daytona Beach in Florida hosts the All America Cheerleading Championships. For those not initiated, it is a piece of untrammelled Americana that takes some working out.

Range Rover - New Arrivals

An interview with Thailand's most famous cowboy for a Bangkok based literary magazine.

More Than a Woman - Absolute Phuket

'Khatoey', or transvestite, cabaret is part of the mainstream of tourist entertainment in Thailand, thrilling the audience with music, dance and mime. Absolute Phuket takes a look behind the scenes.

Don't Call Me Sweetie! - Planet Syndication

Nong Toom may be a cross dressing transvestite, but he is also one of Thailand's most successful kick-boxers - or at least he was until he surgically crossed the gender divide.

Grapes Escapes - HPH (Corporate)

Loei province in the north-east of Thailand is home to an increasingly successful wine industry. The high, sunny plateau looks and feels like the south of France. A drive through the vineyards reveals a remarkable story of entrepreneurial imagination.

Rodeo Gay - Loaded Magazine

The rodeo may often be portrayed as a bastion of wild-west machismo, but it is also a sport that attracts enthusiasts from every corner of American society. Loaded magazine takes a trip to Kansas City, in the heart of the mid-west, to see the quirky side of America.

Boy Racers of Saigon - Planet Syndication

A day at the races in Saigon, Vietnam is a day spent in a previous era. The races take place every weekend in a crumbling French colonial stadium and the protagonists are children riding miniature ponies in an atmosphere of frenetic excitement.

Gator Aid - The Correspondent

In Florida alligators are everywhere. They get on golf courses, in ponds and near stables. They terrorise the pensioners and chase the dogs. If a rogue alligator is sited it is time to call in Lee and Ricky Kramer. They are the licensed 'alligator men' and they spend their days doing what others only do in their nightmares - wrestling murderous reptiles.

That's Not a Horse! - Absolute Phuket

Hurtling bovines get grumpy and win cash prizes at the intensely competitive annual Chonburi Buffalo Races. Absolute Phuket samples an exhilarating piece of rural Thailand before stepping out of the way of the stampede.

The Kicking Fields - Loaded Magazine

According to Cambodians Thai kick-boxing originated in Cambodia and was stolen by the Thais when the empire of Ayutthaya sacked the empire of Angkor. Now the Khmer are fighting to claim back their sporting heritage. Loaded magazine gets a little too close to the boxing-ring.

Take Me To Your Dealer - Maxim Magazine

In 2003 nearly 3000 people died in a 'war on drugs' in Thailand. No arrests were made. No trials were conducted. The victims were killed by death squads. The streets of downtown Saigon in Vietnam are becoming shooting galleries for hollow-eyed heroin addicts. Cambodia, already fragile, is buckling under the weight of a new wave of amphetamine addiction. Along the banks of the Mekong drugs are wreaking havoc and it is along the river itself that they are transported. Maxim magazine takes a trip up the river from Cambodia to Burma, right to the heart of the problem.

Dawn of Frenzied Spirits - Planet Syndication

Once a year the tourist town of Phuket in Thailand witnesses the 'vegetarian Festival' when 'spirit doctors' from the area's Chinese population perform amazing feats of self-mutilation and asceticism.

Hard Time in the Big Tiger - Jack Magazine

For those foreigners naive or stupid enough to get involved with the drug trade in Thailand, a nasty shock awaits. For those convicted a life sentence is virtually mandatory and conditions in Bangkok's high security 'Bang Kwang' jail are dreadful. There is doubt over the guilt of some. Jack magazine talked to some of those locked up.

Dead Fowl Walking - Planet Syndication

Cock fighting is a massively popular gambling sport in the Philippines. All over the country, every Sunday, thousands of pesos will be won or lost on the outcome of a flurry of feathers.

Bongos and Backpacks - Absolute Phuket

Absolute Phuket attempts to read the runes in a world where people drink from buckets and parade in pajamas.

Invasion of the Frog Ladies - Absolute Phuket

That gentle tapping on the shoulder, the melting friendly eyes.... Then the daunting, insistent simulated croaking. The frog ladies are here and you will buy the frog. Absolute Phuket lives the terror.

Hail the Laughing Guru - Planet Syndication

At dawn the parks of Bombay in India are filled with the middle aged and retired laughing hysterically for no apparent reason. The laughter is refined into disciplines such as 'birdy laughter', 'Lion laughter,' 'silent laughter' and 'argumentative laughter'. They are practising 'laughter therapy', a technique pioneered by the eccentric Dr Madan Kataria. Loaded Magazine arrived in Bombay prepared to be cynical but left being utterly converted. As Dr Kataria says, if we are laughing then he has succeeded.

Lost in Laos - The Observer

Written for The Observer in the mid-nineties, this piece looks at a country emerging from behind the Bamboo Curtain to face a future of mass tourism.

War Baby - Maxim Magazine

A commission from Maxim UK to ghostwrite a six page feature based on the experiences of a French photographer. In the wild regions of the Thai-Burma border mystical child guerrillas lead an army of Christian soldiers against the Burmese government troops. Unknowingly these twins are players in a game that is largely about oil.

A Tribe Called Theft - Maxim Magazine

A commission for Maxim UK to ghostwrite a six-page feature based on the experiences of a French photographer. They robbed us blind then frightened us silly. Maxim crosses the southern Indian Ocean to meet the Jarawas – the Stone Age tribe that put the mania into kleptomaniac.

Elephant Warriors - Absolute Phuket

The elephant is the revered symbol of Thailand. Once a year in the Issan town of Surin both elephants and people gather to celebrate a relationship that goes back centuries.

Tuk Tuk Beep Beep - Absolute Phuket

Love it or hate it the tuk tuk is an international emblem of all things Thai. Absolute Phuket tries to work out why.

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